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H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water
H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water
Retail Price: $1.99

THE AMAZING FLAVOR OF HOPS shouldn't be limited to craft beer. That's why I created H2OPSTM. The magic starts in our local craft brewery, where master brewers coax out all the hoppy goodness of citrus, floral and nuanced bitter flavors from my Northwest hop blend. This results in a refreshing sparkling beverage that's unsweetened, and naturally free of alcohol, carbs and calories. Cheers!

H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water is brewed as a one ingredient beer. With kettle and dry hopping using a blend of aroma hops, its surprisingly refreshing and citrusy. H2OPS is unsweetened & has zero alcohol & zero calories.

San Pellegrino Sparkling 750 ml
San Pellegrino Sparkling 750 ml
Retail Price: $3.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $1.99
You save $1.01!

WAI means ‘water’ in Māori, the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. And WERA means ‘hot’. Together, they make up WAIWERA, pronounced ‘why-wear-ah’. The first bottled water in the Southern Hemisphere. Since 1875.

The tranquil valley of Waiwera is nestled in New Zealand’s North Island. Hidden some 1.5 kilometres (0.9 miles) deep is one of the main geothermal aquifers in the South Pacific. Here, surrounded mostly by sandstone, the water is completely inaccessible to any possible contamination. The therapeutic and curative properties of Waiwera water are legendary. The local Māori revered it as 'Te Rata' (‘The Doctor’) for hundreds of years, bathing in and drinking the water that seeped up through the sand on the Waiwera beaches.

Today, we are proud to say ‘the elixir of life’ is still bottled at source. Carbon dating reveals the water from the Waiwera aquifer to be approximately 15,000 years old, which makes our artesian water one of the oldest in the world.
Duche de Longueville French Sparkling Cider [Non-Alcoholic] (Normandy, France)
Duche de Longueville French Sparkling Cider [Non-Alcoholic] (Normandy, France)
Retail Price: $16.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $7.99 + $.10 CRV = $12.99
You save $3.01!

IMBIBE MAGAZINE Says: "Cider vinegar dominates the aroma of this deeply golden, clean-filtered cider. The taste is pleasant and sweet . . . This cider from a 50-year-old orchard in Normandy is considered a classic." -IMBIBE Magazine, September/October 2006

Artisan Wine Depot's James Tran Says: "You can forget all about martinellis. Duché de Longueville is a bottle of sparkling apple goodness. You can tastes flavors varying from red apples, green apples, and a hint of sweet dried apples. Even though there is no alcohol, this refreshing, effervecent cider can still stand on its own amongst other drinks on the winelist." -James Tran, April 2009